Data Protection and Your Medical Records

The Practice fully complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. Under the Act patients have a right to be informed whether personal data about them is being processed and have the right of access to the data. Patients can review the data processed and formal applications for access should be made in writing to the Practice Manager. A fee may be charged for this.

Medical Records

  • By law, everyone working for the NHS must keep the contents of your medical records private
  • You have a right to access your medical records subject to certain laws – please put your request in writing to the practice manager
  • The doctor will be available to explain medical terms and words within 40 working days
  • If you change doctor, we will ensure your notes will be sent for routine transfer to your new doctor.

How Your Records Are Used To Help Us

As you know, your Doctor and the team of Health Professionals caring for you keep records about your health and the care you receive from the National Health Service. These are important to help ensure that you receive the best possible care from us.

Your records are use in the following ways to guide and administer the care you receive:

  • To ensure that your Doctor or Nurse has accurate and up to date information to assess your health and decide what care you need when you visit in the future.
  • To ensure that full information is available should you see another Doctor or be referred to a Specialist or another part of the NHS.
  • To ensure that there is a good basis for looking back and checking on the type and quality of the care you receive.
  • To ensure that your concerns can be properly investigated if you need to complain.

Your records also help to plan NHS services for the future and ensure that there is a good basis for checking that NHS money has been well spent and that staff are paid for the work they have done.

Whilst always preserving confidentiality, your records can also help us to help you by:

  • Assisting with the teaching and training of Health Care Professionals (you choose whether or not to be involved).
  • Assisting with health research (if you need to be personally involved with the research you will be contacted and asked whether you are willing to participate. You will not be identified without your agreement).

Freedom of Information

This practice operates in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 & the Freedom of Information Act 2000. For further information, please inquire at reception.

Statement of Purpose

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008, the registering body, New Seaham Medical Group is required to provide the Care Quality Commission registration, with a Statement of Purpose. The registered regulated activities that have been agreed by the partners are listed in this document for your information.

Statement of Purpose Document