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We believe in involving you in your care as much as possible, your suggestions for improving our services are important to us. Please feel free to write or speak to a member of the practice.

We may seek your views from time to time by asking you to complete a questionnaire.

Patient Questionnaire Results

Please note that the version of the results given here is a summary of the issues that arose from the questionnaire and also includes responses to all individual comments. The comments have been slightly altered so that all grammar and spelling is correct. The questionnaire itself is copyright to Cambridge and Manchester Universities and was made available on first practice manager.
Download the Patient Questionnaire Results for more information.

Patient Questionnaire Results and Analysis


The results of the survey overall are very positive and we are very pleased at the level of satisfaction from the patient community. All of the main points explored here will be discussed with the staff themselves as well as in the Patient Participation Group meetings. The first of which is on the 24th of April.

The main issues that have arisen are:

  • Waiting time for pre-booked appointments
  • A small minority of patients feel a lack of confidence in the doctors
  • More informative procedures regarding the extended opening hours
  • Possible issues with a lack of doctors or difficulty with the appointments system

Should you have more to add please post in the suggestion box. Alternatively, questionnaires are still available should you wish to fill one in. The input is valuable.
Download the Results and Analysis for more information.

Results of our Survey for 2014