PPG Minutes and Agendasstethoscope

Minutes: 04 February 2015

Agenda Items: SystmOnline (Appointments/Prescriptions/Accessing Summary Care Record) Friends & Family Test (Results) Soft Intelligence Monitoring ( Your Views Matter – Poster) Patient Suggestions/Comments Appointments – DNA’s EPS (Electronic Prescription Service) Outcomes of Patient Participation Group Meeting Systmonline discussed. Registration form to be completed by patients for access to GP online services. Notices have been put […more]

Evaluation and Action Plan: 15 January 2014

Evaluation Staff Present: Ashleigh Dawson – Staff Karen Fawcett Elizabeth Laws Kelly Pownall Catherine McCabe George Sparks Since sending the reminders we have had another few patients attending the group. This time we had a really positive response and five patients accepted the invite and all attended the meeting. I rang the patients to remind […more]

Evaluation and Action Plan: 24 July 2013

Evaluation Staff Present: Ashleigh Dawson and Scott Morley – Staff Sheila Coates and Kathleen Metcalfe – Patients Since sending the reminders we have had another patient attend the group. However, only three patients had confirmed their place for the meeting (though one did not attend) which is less that the amount that showed interest or […more]

Minutes: 24 April 2013

Attending: Scott Morley Ashleigh Dawson Patient (KM) As Scott may not be running the next patient meeting, Ashleigh was present so that she would be able to continue with the group. She took minutes as well as contributing to the conversation. Introduction: Scott explained the purpose of the meeting to Patient—that we hope to improve […more]

PPG Evaluation and Action: 24 April 2013

Overall: Overall the meeting seemed to go well with the exception of attendance. This is possibly because the meeting was arranged approximately 4-5 weeks before hand and it may be that out of the 5 patients that expressed an interest the majority simply forgot. We only had two patients confirm their attendance and only one […more]

Agenda and Intended Outcomes – 24 April 2013

The meeting is expected to last 30 mins approx. Introduction Members of the group will be asked to introduce themselves to one another. In the hopes of involving the patients in the running of the group, they will be asked if one of them would like to take the minutes of the meeting; although I […more]